Who We Are

HealthCare Subrogation Group prides itself on identifying all paid claims at the treatment level and systemically investigates to ensure that the treatments are indeed for the right person and that the right policy paid and paid appropriately. HealthCare Subrogation Group efficiently and cost-effectively achieves these results without any contact with the insured claimant with the use of our innovative, proprietary recovery technology and software. The results are a dramatic increase in the number of claims targeted for reimbursement and the total dollars collected. Our value does not end with an initial First Pass recovery for our clients. HealthCare Subrogation Group's policy is to never close a case, therefore leaving the door open for additional recoveries for years to come.

Turn Problems Into Results

HealthCare Subrogation Group has spent millions of dollars developing its proprietary recovery application and data mining techniques. Most, if not all, of the Company's recovery innovation has been developed by continually reviewing the data and utilizing regression analysis to improve future recovery results. We utilize both proprietary and third party middleware to conduct data repair and data filtering for client demographic and treatment records. HealthCare Subrogation Group invests significantly more dollars into data repairing our client files than other vendors resulting in a significant increase in accuracy improving recovery results by up to 500%.

HealthCare Subrogation Group is unique in the manufacturing style approach that the Company has applied to the recovery process. Specialization of Labor has been achieved through the development of work queues. By breaking down the process into a series of sequential sub-processes, we are able to push significantly more work through the recovery pipeline at lower cost while maintaining high quality control standards for the Company's recoveries.

Company History

HealthCare Subrogation Group was formed in 2002 to implement a dynamic, new approach to Healthcare Recovery from Workers' Compensation Carriers, Third Party Liability, and Overpayment Recovery Services for major insurance carriers, state/county agencies, third party administrators, hospitals, and self-insureds.