What Sets Us Apart

Smart Technology Driven by Intelligent People

With the use of our cutting-edge proprietary Adaptive Recovery Technology, or ART™, HealthCare Subrogation Group is able to offer unparalleled recovery rates to its clients. HealthCare Subrogation Group has perfected the use of industry-leading informatics in the form of Episodic Treatment Groupings, or ETGs, to identify traumatic triggers at the treatment level by analyzing all medical billing codes available. In addition, HealthCare Subrogation Group has unprecedented access to public and proprietary databases such as the New York State Worker's Compensation Board's eCase database in order to ensure that our ART™ process is 100% accurate in the investigative stage. Medical experts then identify all paid claims at the treatment level for causality and then HealthCare Subrogation Group's "tough but fair" recovery and arbitration processes bring the money through the door, all without any contact to the insured claimant.

Here at HealthCare Subrogation Group, our mission, simply put, is to put money back into our client's business with unprecedented speed and ease. HealthCare Subrogation Group operates exclusively on a contingency fee basis, and earns our fee by giving our clients certainty that no claim recovery opportunity goes unnoticed or uncollected, regardless of the dollar value of the claim. In addition, HealthCare Subrogation Group's policy is to never close a case, thereby further increasing the bottom line of our clients. HealthCare Subrogation Group does all of this in accordance to your state's regulations and are 100% HIPAA certified.

Our Approach

By employing advanced data normalization enhancements to third-party database information and completely automating the claims comparison process at the treatment level, HealthCare Subrogation Group is able to review upwards of one million injury classifications including CPT4, ICD9, HCPCS, NDC Codes and DRG codes. HealthCare Subrogation Group has incorporated and enhanced software developed by Symmetry® to create a honed in view of the story of the injured party by grouping treatments into episodes, or Episodic Treatment Groupings (ETGs). ETGs are then flagged by our ART™ software and then further reviewed by our medical review staff for definite causality. This process bypasses the need for "canvassing" strategies still utilized by competitors, thereby allowing HealthCare Subrogation Group to identify tens of millions of dollars annually that typically gets missed. Our approach benefits us and our clients in the following ways:

  • We require absolutely no communication with the insured party, where as traditional subrogation methods rely on hassling your insureds with surveys and phone queries.
  • Our clinical matching engine is dollar agnostic; we have no minimum threshold. All charges, large and small, are collected and returned to our client.
  • We never close a case. Using both prospective and retrospective review, we assess a cases value when new treatment information becomes available.

We Don't Cherry Pick High Dollar Recoveries

Unlike traditional recovery firms, HealthCare Subrogation Group does not limit reimbursement opportunities to claims above a certain dollar threshold. Instead, HCSG utilizes the superior technology developed to seek recovery for any and all dollars that are owed to our clients. HealthCare Subrogation Group has increased recovery to our clients by over $24 million

Case Value # of Cases Total Recovery Value
<= $1,000.00 36,676 $8,834,639.65
<= $750.00 34,773 $7,180,237.43
<= $500.00 31,337 $5,124,076.31
<= $250.00 23,667 $2,320,524.16
<= $100.00 13,956 $764,244.29
<= $50.00 6,925 $246,853.47