Process and Technology

Sophisticated Technology

Our innovative technology-driven approach makes it possible to effectively and efficiently analyze every claim and every treatment in order to recover every dollar possible. We're able to accomplish this in both a cost effective and timely manner with the use of our proprietary technology/software. Our next-generation technology processes are driven by our extensive experience and record of excellence in the following areas:

  • Java open source programming is used to provide seamless integration with third-party data sources, e.g., NY State, eCase database, ISO ClaimSearch, as well as civil litigation databases.
  • Data enhancements such as trauma indicators, unique/semi-unique identifiers, and matching algorithms.
  • Automated processes and document imaging, i.e., dynamically populated documents and forms as well as optical character recognition that enable one person to do the work of several.
  • Episodic treatment group (ETG) screening to automatically identify trauma related paid claims (using ALL ICD-9 codes, CPT codes, and DRG codes).
  • Systemic event triggers, i.e., a systemic method of automatically moving a case along to successful recovery and immediately responding to an external event, such as an adverse carrier's objection.
  • Document parsing and Imaging. HCSG, along with our partner AMSoft, has developed document imaging and parsing technology at 98% success rate. Important text is extracted and utilizing patterns detection, increased business objectives are identified. Since not all documents are created equal outliers and potential problems in different types of documents have been identified and these patterns are incorporated into the logic to further increase accuracy.

Assembly Line Recovery

Likewise, our efficiency in the recovery process can be attributed to the unique, manufacturing-style approach that we have developed. HCSG has departed from the outdated industry "Cradle to Grave" recovery approach where a single individual handles a particular file from the beginning to end.

Rather than rely on questionnaires and surveys to determine eligibility, we use highly sophisticated software to sift through claims data, recognizing patterns characteristic of eligible cases. This process has allowed us to adopt a specialization of labor technique ensuring that every claim is medically causally related to the Worker's compensation injury. Our knowledgeable team of recovery professionals then sees through the collections process. As a result, this allows HCSG to recover in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible in order to recovery every potential dollar for our clients.