Subrogation Case Identification

The tried and true questionnaire process finds most subrogation cases. But what happens when a member doesn't respond? Or their response is inaccurate or misleading? What if you had a tool that could still identify cases - even when members don't respond?


Workers' Comp Recoveries

You paid a claim for one of your members, but was it really your responsibility? Or was it a work injury that a workers' comp carrier should pay? What if you could identify work-related injuries in just a few days, and recover that money in a couple months?


Overpayment Identification

HCSG offers a fully automated overpayment identification system that quickly and efficiently identifies overpayments, including improper coding, up-coding, double billing, and coverage issues.


Technology-Driven Solutions for Healthcare

HCSG is a technology company that specializes in business process reengineering and automation for healthcare organizations. We aren't just a paid claim recovery company, nor are we just a billing company. We develop innovative technology that makes all of those things work better.

Better outcomes, in less time, with fewer resources. This is HCSG.